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Label the Force Gravity (=mg), the Nor-mal Force (FN), and the Friction Force (Ff), but don’t use any specific numbers. What makes this a state of equilibrium?The cups are in a state of equilibrium just before it starts to slide. This is because the mg of each cup is made negligible by each normal force. Movement of the cups is being restricted by frictional force which acts on the cups. Only when an external force will be applied opposite to that of the frictional force will the cups begin to slide.If the co-efficient of friction is high then more force will be required since the opposing force also increases. However if the co-efficient of friction is low then the force required would also be low since lesser frictional force will be acting on the object.Lab 2 taught me the different forces that work on an object which is in state of motion of at rest. It gave me sound knowledge as to what forces are responsible for maintaining equilibrium of any body. Concepts about momentum of bodies and how mass has an effect on acceleration pr retardation became much clearer since we experience all of this in our day to day lives and getting to know about each thing from a scientific point of view made it fun.Each of the above observations explains the law of inertia. In the first observation since the water was still at one place at first and the bowl is accelerated, the water tries to stay behind while the bowl moves forwards immediately and the water spills back. However when I walk at steady speed nothing happens since no external force is there and the water tends to be at one place. When I walk straight the water tends to be in the forwards direction but since I turn rightly abruptly, the water spills since its motion was in the front and the sudden change in direction caused spilling. Inertia is also seen when I walk with the water bowl and the

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