Juvenile Delinquency in Hidalgo County

The violent crime rate is lower in the MSA where Hidalgo belongs because it is 319.20 compared to the Texas rate of 408.60 and the country rate of 386.9 (FBI, 2012). In other words, the total crime rate in Hidalgo County is higher than the state, particularly its property crime rate, although it has a lower violent crime rate than the latter. When discussing gang presence in the Hidalgo, the Texas Fusion Center Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety (2013) offers only a rough sketch of gang activities in the region where Hidalgo is in Texas Gang Threat Assessment 2012. This report stressed that there are approximately more than 2,500 gangs in Texas and Hidalgo County is in a region where gang activity is highest.There are several parts of Texas that have the highest concentration, and Hidalgo is one of them. Hidalgo is in Region 3, based on this assessment. In Region 3, the most notable gangs are Tango Blast (Corpitos, Vallucos), Texas Syndicate, and Texas Mexican Mafia (Texas Fusion Center Intelligence, 2013, p. 17). Tango Blast engages in violence and Mexican cartels, Texas Syndicate commits violent crimes, as well as human and drug trafficking, while Texan Mexican Mafia is involved in organized crime, extortion, and distribution of black tar heroin (Texas Fusion Center Intelligence, 2013, p. 10).To deal with these gangs, the state and county offices use different initiatives to tap the resources and systems of local, state and federal law enforcement and state and federal prosecutors. In general, they integrate resources across intelligence, police, investigative, and prosecution agencies/individuals.

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