The main beliefs and ideas of John Calvin concerning the Holy Trinity form an exposition that explains each of the persons with the provisions of the good will to human beings. Therefore, God is the originator, the son as a wise director and the spirit as an executor who is powerful in regard to the characteristics of the Holy Trinity. John Calvin believes that the ideas creates or gives awareness whereby there is equality of the roles of the three persons in this case God1.Furthermore, the essence of a divine mode naturally subjects and rebukes the speculations concerning the spirituality of the people2. These facts on the Holy Trinity give a vigor description whereby the processes gave to the idea of the existence of God. The teaching o this idea have also developed a stance to acquire direct elaboration in the attraction of learning the main themes on the doctrine in the Calvin’s Trinity. In most of the cases these view captures the eye that primarily suggest that the concept of God is philosophy rather than devotion.These. however, bring out the attention that focuses on the art of worship and divine unity. Calvin’s term of cooperation with the three persons under the name who is God brings out the salvation and understanding in relation to being eternal3. In accordance to the natural world, the position of the Holy Trinity interprets actions that the scriptures endorse in the ancient creed. The Catholic Church is the main attack on the various views on the Holy Trinity by John Calvin. Calvin reasons are that there are specialties put forth by the catholic in a revolutionary modern way that seem not to have meaning to the Christianity world. The description particularly gives unnecessary declaration whereby the three person’s treatment is on different paths.In the scripture Mathew 28:16-20 the great commission of Jesus to his disciples brings out the Holy Trinity views whereby the disciples are commanded to

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