Islamic subject 1

Islamic The clash of monothetheisms is a conflict between the western way of life and the Islamic culture and religion. Personally, I do not agree with Reza Aslan’s claim that the clash of monotheisms is an internal battle between Muslims. After the terrorist attack in USA in September 2011, the mentality of the clash of monotheisms became widespread. Veteran and influential preachers like Pastor Franklin Graham said that Islam religion was evil and wicked. His sentiments gained general public support because he was religious advisor to the president of United States George Bush. His views were echoed in many American newspapers which had substantial circulation (Aslan, 2005).After the US attack of September 11, the media was not left behind in spreading this mentality of the clash of monotheisms. Ann Coulter who was a renowned popular columnist wrote articles of hate against the Muslim religion. She proposed that western states should attack Muslim states, assassinate their leaders and convert them into Christian faith. The idea is well manifested by the rhetoric driving the war on terrorism. Most western countries described the scenario as a war between the good and the evils. Christianity was touted as a good religion whereas Islam was referred as the evil one. Evidence that illustrates that this mentality was propagated by the Western powers was the inhumane treatment of Muslim prisoners of war. In Afghanistan, they were made to eat pork and drink beer which is against Muslim religion (Aslan, 2005).I think Reza Aslan’s comparison of clash of monotheisms with protestant reformation in history is not valid. The historical differences between the transformation of Christian and expansion of Muslim are so diverse to be able to compare the two. Also, the western world’s perception of Muslim as an inferior religion is misguided (Aslan, 2005). ReferencesAslan, R. (2005). No god but God: the origins, evolution, and future of Islam. New York: Random House.

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