Is legalize Marijuana a good law in Arizona

In 2010, through Proposition 203, Arizona residents voted to legalise the use of medical marijuana on which legislators have been working to close any loopholes (Collom). The bill allows patients with terminal illness to use marijuana for relieve purposes following their doctor’s approval. The bill also protects them from arrests and subsequent prosecution and requires such patients to be registered. In addition, the bill provides guidelines on the medical use of marijuana, which restricts public use and working under the influence. In order to illustrate the good faith presented by the Arizona law to legalise marijuana, this paper identifies three criteria that have been met by marijuana and they include benefits of medical marijuana, control and ethical considerations. Criterion Studies indicate that legalization of marijuana is a viable solution owing to the failure of the war against drugs, of which marijuana is regarded as one. This is because. all prosecutors and law enforcement agencies regard marijuana as a gateway to doing other hard drugs for those found in possession of it. This is in a quest to have a share of the war against drugs. which is counterproductive. … This is due to the street value attached to marijuana as an illegal drug and its abundance to anyone who needs it. This way, it is considered fast moving merchandise for which many are willing to put their lives at risk as it is a valuable cash crop. Therefore, legalizing it removes the risk factor and rids mobsters of their criminal activities. Moreover, the active compound in marijuana stimulates appetite and increases food intake in an individual. It also enhances caloric intake by the body. This is necessary for patients undergoing chemotherapy and AIDS patients in order to stimulate hunger. Marijuana is also known to alleviate pain and have antispasmodic activity, which is crucial in treatment of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and seizures. The use of marijuana to lower intraocular eye pressure has been effective in treatment of glaucoma, thus aid in reducing optic nerve damage. Distribution of marijuana following legalisation should be regulated from farms to the users, with regulations established to govern farms entrusted with the role to grow marijuana, processing units can then be established and effectively regulated. Only licensed distributors and resellers should be authorised to distribute according to the required proportions. Marijuana should then cease to be an over the counter drug but be made available following prescription and according the set guidelines on use in various medical conditions. An age restriction should be put in place, with stricter restrictions put in place for persons using it for recreational purposes. The above highlights what constitutes ethical considerations by the government following a popular vote by citizens

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