Dirt Bikes Internet tools Department Benefit(s) intranet Sales and Marketing Human Resources Manufacturing and ProductionQuick access to product informationFast access to sales reportFast access to marketing analysis and researchEasy communication between membersEnhanced information securityFast access to informationMinimizes use of paperworkFast access to information from various sourcesEnhances teamwork with other departmentsFast communication among membersVirtual Private NetworkSales and MarketingHuman ResourcesManufacturing and ProductionEnhances information securityLower cost of communicationIncreases information securityLow communication costEnhances information securityLow cost of communicationElectronic mailSales and MarketingHuman ResourcesEnhances privacy of informationEasy communicationHigh level of information securityEasy communication between managers and employeesEnhances confidentialityIncreases privacy between manager and employees.Increased information securityEasy communication between employeesEnhances confidentialityWork CitedLaudon, Kenneth C., and Jane P. Laudon. Essentials of Business Information Systems. 7th Ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2007. Print.

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