Intelligence Collection Management

Intelligence collection management always aims for a valuable person having valuable pieces of information which can be a source of benefit for the company. The whole process of acquiring, organizing and making the intelligence information useful for the security agencies is also termed as the Intelligence Collection Plan. The creation of the Intelligence Action plan is also an important part because it is related to the management of the processes. The analysts must have an Intelligence Plan before any further development is done in this process.Intelligence collection management is actually meant for a process of arranging and organizing all the possible available intelligence information or material which can be helpful for the firm or the business in different ways. There can a variety of ways to collect and then manage this intelligence information. The companies may adopt different ways to organize this intelligence information but the important thing is the security of that intelligence information. The secrecy of this intelligence information is very much important because this information can be helpful for a company but at the same time, it can be dangerous if others may know it. Therefore the companies always try to keep secure all the available intelligence information so that they may not face any type of threat from any competitor company.Another important point is the characteristic of the sources of this available intelligence information. These characteristics may include reliability at the top of the list. The reliability of the source may be defined as the source having no doubts about its authenticity. The sources must be trustworthy. All the incoming intelligence information must be confirmed. Because of the low confirmation level, they may create any problem for the company and also for the information holder. The sources who give continuously unconfirmed news or intelligence information may be considered in the list of unreliable sources and then they may not be trusted anymore. The intelligence information collection may also need specific requirements for their sources to be fulfilled (Krizan 1).

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