Industrial Networks

After an in-depth perusal of this book it is possible to glean that it covers a wide array of subject matter with its multiple authorship and pertains to a discussion of the common model of the industrial networks philosophy with the role of its main protagonists in the form of business individuals and organisations who have to continuously interact with each other with in the corporate environment and this very interaction would then constitute a framework for understanding the continuum of this interaction and the relevant exchange processes.The question which is explored as a theme through out this book is whether the certainty arising from the growth of long term relationships means that the actors will get will reduce transaction risks in business relationships as well as the investment risks arising from informal distribution.
The basic aim of the stren…
The basic aim of the strengthening of these relationships, as can be understood from the pith and substance of this book is realise the prospects of the ability of exploiting business sources which are closely linked to each other in terms of Functional interdependence,power and knowledge structures and intemporal dependence.Functional interdependence with in the terminology of this text exists due to the heterogeneity of the consumer base which would then require an equally heterogeneous supply from resources, and the protagonists of the business world.Furthermore in the context of the power structure it may be stated that the power structure is the degree of control and resources in the hands of the various actors and may or may not always be equally distributed and this will have a major impact upon the over all overall structure and decisions taken with in the network.Thirdly we have the impact of the knowledge structure which is described by the authors as amounting to the dependence upon the limited knowledge and resources available to the actors.Last there is intemporal dependence with this so called industrial network which pertains to a large number of investments in business networking,PR and the infrastructure and since this book talks about network change there is a chance that we are looking at something which aids a smoother transition and more grounded in past industrial practice.
The industrial network theory
Basically when we are looking at the industrial network theory it can be seen that there is indeed a trilogy of the interaction, relationship and network research with in the industrial interaction in Business to Business dealings and it can be said that while this book is almost two decades old to the context of modern business

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