Increasing Service Quality at a Nationwide Restaurant Chain

Simply put, quality of service is the customers’ expectation and evaluation of the level of ease and comfort he is supposed to have while enjoying or operating the products or services of the providing organization. For example, if a restaurant chain is classified as having a four or five star rating, not only would it have a there would be a certain level of proficiency expected in the provision of these services as well. In fact, when we enter a five star restaurant we expect a certain ambience and care and support that emanates from the reception area and goes right through the whole establishment. Empathy, reliability, responsiveness and assurance of the expected level of service are what gives the restaurant its rating and the customer’s perception of the actual services provided gives the satisfaction level of these benefits. Elements of Service Quality There can be many elements of service quality, but they all boil down to the five most important ones which are as under: a. Reliability: This is the ability of the service provider to provide what was promised, in an accurate and dependable manner. b. Assurance: This is the ability of the service provider to convey trust and confidence that what is desired will be carried out. It also reflects the knowledge and courtesy of the service provider while dealing with customer requests or complaints. c. Tangibility: This refers to the physical facilities and equipment at the hotel. Everything from the working style to the dress of the employees should send the message of a caring and responsive attitude to customer needs

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