In what Ways did Jack Johnson Live an Atypical Life for a Person of Color in the Early 20th Century

Black eulogized him and white papers gave front-page coverage to contribute to his national fame. A totally self-made individual, Johnson studied in the college of self-education, where his mind was his principal and his tremendous initiative, the professors and he possessed the strong will to grow through the challenging circumstances, like racial bias, professional rivalry, and sexual belligerence.Theresa Runstedtler writes, His boyhood experiences had raised his expectations for racial equality. (13)As Johnson’s career surged ahead, he became the victim of jealousy as the volume of his coverage in the press was more than all the famous black celebrities in any segment, put together. He was a hundred percent self-made man. He lived his life like a true pop culture artist would live. His sex life was questioned and subjected to public scrutiny. He was in the center stage of scandals, gossip mills, many people labeled him as the public menace and threat to the society. He was misunderstood, feared and adored and to many people, he was their hero. Everything was right for Johnson, including time! At the turn of the 20th century, sports activities dominated the American national scene. It was shaping as one of the important cultural traits of the American people. American popular culture had arrived on the scene. Recorded music flooded the music market. The movie continued to control the scene of entertainment. Johnson, on the other hand, was readying to fight for the world boxing title. Films and sports activities were big money-spinning ventures. The popularity of boxing was without parallel in the sport’s history of America and Johnson was able to take full advantage of the situation. In addition, Johnson was passionate about the automobiles.

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