Importance of Communication Skills

The aim of a good communication process is putting forward a set of ideas, information, or thoughts to another party. To complete the communication circuit, the other party must understand the message and respond appropriately. Communicating parties can either vocalize their message or use gestures to put across the information.Communication dates back to the earlier days, where people used body language and gestures to communicate. Even in these modern times, there is still a need for effective communication. Without it, there would be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding between people.Through this importance of communication skills essay, I will show how it plays a vital role in our life by taking a look at its relevance in different professions. For instance, the nursing profession depends largely on effective communication between the doctor and patient. Problems will arise if either of them does not know how to communicate efficiently. A doctor is a trained professional in the medical field with immense knowledge. However, a doctor with poor communicating skills might not treat a patient well.On the other hand, if the patient cannot communicate appropriately about his or her condition, it becomes harder for the doctor to administer the proper medication. It, therefore, calls for both the doctor and patient to have a good set of communication skills. The expertise will help with the treatment of the patient.The teaching profession is another field that depends on clear communication between the instructor and students. Some workshops can help workers improve their communication skills for better output at the workplace. When taking part in such workshops, the workers expect the facilitator to possess proper communication skills. The facilitator can point out struggling participants and motivate them to express their views. For a successful workshop to take place, there has to be effective communication between the facilitator and participants.Sales is another profession that depends mainly on the use of effective communication. When a salesperson possesses good communicating skills, they can successfully interact with many potential customers. The salesperson can gain the trust of the customer by convincing them of the worth of investing in a particular good. The cycle starts with the analysis of the customer’s needs. After this, the salesperson can give suggestions of products that fit the identified requirements and needs. While interacting with the customer, the salesperson can explain how the commodity will improve the quality of their life. The salesperson can then proceed to showcases the various uses and features of the commodity. A customer becomes more convinced to purchase a particular commodity due to an effective communication process.People tend to overlook the importance of other forms of communication and the role they play in our lives. With a written message, a well-crafted message can easily capture someone’s attention. For example, the use of a simple board that carries a good craft message will draw the attention of passersby better than a long hard to read the paragraph. Authors catch the attention of readers by using words that trigger their minds.Consequently, the reader gets lost with the words in the book. The final work is through the choice of words, which keeps the reader glued. The reader develops an understanding of what the author is talking about. With the cases shown above, it paints a clear picture of the importance of communication skills.The expression of words while communicating is not the only part of communication. Other forms of communication express ideas without using words such as sign language. With body language, it forms an essential part of an effective communication process. With the presence of understanding the language, ideas, or thoughts, the principal aim of communication remains fulfilled.There is a natural way with which communication skills between people can enhance for the better of both parties. For the growth and development of a language, there is a need for additional methods to complete the entire circuit. Some of these techniques include participating in workshops or reading about a specific topic. There are authors with self-help books. Through the self-help books, it helps in creating an understanding of the concept only. After that, people can work to improve their expertise.The maintenance of relationships is an essential aspect of communication skills. There are rampant cases of confusion, miscommunication, and altercations between family and friends. The tension is solvable through the use of effective communication skills by both parties.Effective communication types as an essential part of life while playing a vital role in the sustenance of society. Perceptions play a crucial role in personal judgments while basing on body language and other opinions. With the growth of human beings, effective communication skills gain critical importance, such as to sea is for fish as is communication for humans. When there is a failure of expression of broken language, there are different facial gestures, hand or written text, which a person can use to play the role.Essentials of Communication SkillsWoody Allen once said that in case he was robbed of all his possession with only one exception, he would prefer to remain intact with his power of communication.What Does Communication Mean?Communication refers to a means through which individuals share and express themselves in a nature in which each party understands the other. Through the complex process, individuals exchange their ideologies, expressions, and attitudes that contribute a lot to the teamwork.There are two means of executing effective interaction with two people or more. There are various modes for exchanging information with a person, with some methods more profound in the workplace in written form compared to others. The process is complete only when the receiver, apart from receiving the message, also accepts it. The receiver also interprets the information and responds in the manner expected from the source. It touches on the art of transmission of vital information by sending the message. The other party receives the message, interprets it, and sends a response. Furthermore, it feels in the process of meaningful interaction amongst human beings. The essence of communication can be manifested in:Personal ProcessHappens Between IndividualsCharacterized By Change of BehaviorAims At InfluencingExpresses Feelings and Emotions with Words and ActionsMeasures for Control and Motivation for PeopleThe Social and Emotional Process of CommunicationCommunication is an essential form of expressing feelings for individuals or situations. Different types of messages can either be verbally or non-verbally communicate. The evolving nature of humans in life affects their interactions. It affects their thoughts, ideas, and comprehension of different perspectives. Effective communication helps individuals in relating, understanding, believing, and developing connections with other individuals. Globalization effects bring about human interactions. There is a need for effective communication in different spheres of the current world.Communication can be complete in one way or two ways when it elicits a reaction by the other people receiving the information. An excellent example of one way means is where an instructor indulges their learners without getting a response. By the nature of students reacting, it could be a two-way communication process.Communicating plays a vital role in sharing knowledge and interactions with other people. Furthermore, communication can be a mode of entertainment. There are different ways in which entertainment falls as a means of communication. The different ideas include reading through books, journals, business talk shows, among many more.I believe that the best way of communicating with people is through reading. Reading helps us gain knowledge, making it a great investment in oneself. It is also a form of entertainment. In case a person seeks knowledge, it is present through reading novels, biographies, newspapers, and journals. A person becomes aware of how the world around works. In the process, they gain a better comprehension of how systems work. In case you are looking to escape the realities of the world, you can read fiction novels or biographies. By taking this route, you take a step outside your everyday life. You enter into another world where you gain insights with entertainment in the process.Over the past, I have been taking a keen interest in reading Manto’s short stories. The short stories show a personal perspective, ideas, and experiences during the era of Indo-Pakistan partition. I have gained information about the different types of people residing in India with short stories. Currently, I understand the mindset of the Indian people in addition to their overall culture. By reading these stories, I could relate to these stories from a personal perspective. ‘The Assignment’ tops my list of terrifying tales. The story is about the life of a small boy with Muslim origin. The boy visits a Hindu family to exchange a packet of candy. At the same time, the family inquiries about his whereabouts during the night of the Hindu festival. Despite the first fear of the boy, later on, the family welcomes the boy into their home. The boy shares the pack of sweets and leaves, after which a large crowd pursues the family and torches them to death.Other short stories I have read relating to the nature of life in the army. With the effect of the partition, the rule was that people should return to their countries based on their religion. Some members of the military obeyed the instructions while others turned down the direction. During this period, there were two blood brothers. One brother chose to remain in India while the other departed for Pakistan. There was a break out of the war after their departure. The two countries conflicted, the brothers were at the frontline against each other in a battle to the death. Unfortunately, one of the brothers lost their lives, while the other managed to survive the war.With these types of stories, it helps understand the perspectives of the people at hand. I believe that reading helps in expanding my imagination. I tend to relate to it as a self-dependence act. Even though there is a TV in my room, while reading, I feel much in control.Communicating is defined while disseminating messages with different kinds of media. The different forms of media could be verbal or non-verbal. Either way, the essence is ensuring that there is the transmission of information, action, and gestures. Through experience and time, once gets to learn more about communication. As for infants, they possess the skill of making sounds. Later on, they learn how to speak and communicate. When speaking, listening, it measures the level of understanding of verbal and non-verbal modes. It means the expressions of skills that develop in a variety of manners. There is a way of learning different communication skills through observation of other people. It follows with the modeling of behaviors that bases on what people see. There is the learning of communication skills, which links directly to education. Through the practice of the related skills, it leads to evaluations.Communication Happens Between People Through:SpeechThe evolving way of the human brain differentiates people from other living creatures. Another large distinction majorly comes through the effectiveness of the categories for expressing ourselves through speech.SymbolsThe growth of new forms of communication was as a result of the constraints faced with expressing oneself through speech. With the failure of communication in expressing ideas, there was a need for other modes. Through these modes, there would be a better expression of ideas. The need for communication led to the use of symbols. It presented a convenient means of expressing oneself to others.Cave PaintingsThere is the development of a variety of ancient presentations of symbols. The intentions were to communicate through time through the use of cave paintings. The cave paintings represented an ancient art form on rocks that dates back to the Upper Paleolithic era. It relates to the learning curve of infants understanding the art of drawing before the perfection of mastering the art. Perfection translates to the old age of communication. It marked the first attempts by the early man in passing knowledge through forms of paintings.PictogramsPictograms presented another form of symbols that covered a concept, activity, object, or event through illustration. It gave an ancient form of proto-writing, which paved the new form of drawing for expression.IdeogramsThrough the perfection with pictograms, it followed with sharing messages through the use of graphics with symbols. With the pictograms, it represents something that resembles the form. Therefore the symbol comes as part of a circle that could represent the sun but not with the concepts such as ‘light,’ ‘day,’ and ‘Son of God.’ With ideograms, it presents conveyance of more abstract representations. Therefore, the depiction of two sticks could be a form of legs or the actions of walking.WritingThe early forms of writing were in logographic form. The series of writing was in the form of three categories include syllables, alphabet, and logography. The figures vary in terms of proportions, which often make it more challenging to place into categories for the unique system.There are improvements in communication through the identification of the proper media channels. Through different modes such as electronic or written text, it provides a fast and effective means. There is a need for a personal approach to communicating. For example, when it comes to such face to face meetings, it leads to interpersonal expertise. Other systems apply when there are various communication methods, which makes it hard. With written communication, it often takes part in different forms, which makes for a different set of people to receive.Visual communication is an essential aspect of communication media. In many circumstances, this medium comes second to text. Several other related medium forms have a high level of response to the message. With electronic media with written texts, it stems from a high level of acceptance in the current world. The organization structure lays the framework for this type of communication. In turn, it becomes a functional aspect of the service and the surrounding environment. There is a spread of communication that takes place in a firm both in the formal and informal structures. Within an organization, there are different types of communication that include formal and informal. In formal organizations, there is a flow of information with clear channels and other-directed actions. There are three ways in which information flows, including lateral, upward, and downward.ConclusionCommunication holds a special place when it comes to our overall understanding. The sole cause of the misunderstanding is with the notion of the motive of people in accepting change. It does not depend on the level of coherence of pronunciation by the person sending the message. However, it lies deeply with the context of the message. The process also depends on the receiver of the message and their response. The proximity of a person when sending a message plays a role in them understating you. With proximity, the message is clear, and the response is instant. However, in distant proximity, the message is lost, and the circuit breaks. Other factors that can affect a person from understanding a speech includes their attitude. For an effective process, both parties involved need to work on improving it. It takes practice and experience by a person to perfect the process.

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