Hum M3 Al

Module 3: Understanding Your Mind and Emotions In contrast to other approaches, Burns asserts that feelings and emotions are not the result of circumstances, events and body chemistry (generally – external factors), but rather the fruits of our attitudes and thoughts. Both negative and positive emotions and feelings are caused by negative and positive thoughts. The way of thinking about things and events is stated to determine an individual’s emotions about them. 2. According to Branden, values are inseparable from the concept of life. Values imply the concept of good and evil and are based on sensation. Being related to consciousness and choice, they are acquired from the culture and environment. In contrast to animals, whose code of values are automatically formed and whose senses help them distinguish between good and evil, people have choice of knowledge and thus can acquire certain sets of values they choose. The code of values of the person forms his/her attitudes and affects thoughts. Thoughts and attitudes, as it is stated by Burns, forms emotions and feelings.3. The Dominant Values test was rather puzzling for me, as I found most of the values important for me. none of them is opposite to my position in life. However, the test results indicate that Benevolence and Security are my dominant values, and Tradition has proved to be at the lowest stage in my life. I would say that results are true, because I care much about welfare and security of others. In Cognitive Empathy test, I’ve scored 25, which is the moderate ability of perspective talking. The score of Emotional Empathy is, however, higher, 27, and this is the high level of emotional empathy. I agree with the results, as I tend to feel compassionate for many people. Finally, Dispositional Mood Scale test has shown that the current tendencies in my mood are relatively high tiredness and negative arousal and moderate positive energy and relaxation.

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