How Movies Influence Peoples Perception on the Chinese Culture

By closely analyzing this movie, it is important to denote that it contains various cultural values of the Chinese. This includes the types of houses they lived in, the kind of behaviors that they valued, and the kind of sports or physical activities that they practiced.For instance, Kung Fu is one of the cultural physical practices of the Chinese people. In almost all the major movie productions, whose genre is violence, and touches on the Chinese, Kung Fu is always depicted. In these productions, almost everybody, as long he or she is a Chinese, they are shown practicing Kung Fu in one way or another. Take, for instance, the Ang Lee moving, Crouching Tiger. Women are shown practicing Kung Fu, for purposes of self-defense, and even as aggressors. However, it is important to explain that not everybody can practice and know Kung Fu, because it is also a sport, just as Judo and Karate (Ye and Yun, 45). This paper, therefore, takes a stand, that American movies manage to create a perception that the Chinese culture is only about Kung Fu, and this is not true, because there are also some important cultural values of the Chinese people.This includes children, women, men, and even old people.Most American movies and productions normally focus on the art of Kung Fu. In nearly any American movie that talks about China they normally depict the Chinese people as practicing Kung Fu. These movies do not discriminate on who practices this art. In these movie productions, nearly everybody is practicing the art of Kung Fu. This includes men, women, and even children. This has an effect of stereotyping the Chinese people.

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