History 16

Thirteen Days Thirteen Days is one of the most outstanding movies ever produced that succinctly bases on historical accuracy . This movie is quite informative, detailed as well as very refined in respect to the historical events. It is important to understand some of the few aspects of the movie Thirteen Days before dwelling on its historical relevance. The movie Thirteen Days details the decision making of one of the American President known as President John F. Kennedy (Kennedy, 34). The movie stares a Kevin Costner. One renowned specialist called Roger Donaldson directed the movie. The movie specifically dwells on political happenings that were informing the decision making process of the president during the periods of the Cuban Missile Crisis (Kennedy, 45).It is of critical importance to note that the movie Thirteen Days is historically accurate. There are several circumstances captured in the movie that qualifies it for historical accuracy. For instance, the movie depicts one of the periods in history when the president of America, President John F Kennedy met with one of the Soviet ambassadors. This meeting took place at the Justice Department and it is a historical reality. The meeting involved the president and Anatoly Dobrynin ad it took place a certain evening of the 27 October 1962 (Ponting, 37). This makes the movie Thirteen Days historically accurate.It is important to note that the movie may be important to the students in several aspects. It equips the students with knowledge regarding conflict resolution. This is critical in ensuring that each every student becomes well informed in matters dealing with such conflicts in the society. The movie also focuses much on the issue of leadership (Ponting, 53). This is crucial for students since it equips them with the requisite skills and knowledge pertaining to leadership. It sheds more light on how to deal with political unrest relevant to the leaders’ personalities and behavior. This is critical to such students who may have interest of becoming political leaders in future.Works CitedKennedy, Robert F. Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis. New York: W.W. Norton, 1999/2011. Print.Ponting, Clive. Thirteen Days: The Road to the First World War. London: Chatto amp. Windus, 2002. Print.

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