Henry Percy Bulmers Background

As the discussion outlines, Percy and Edward Frederick (his elder brother), had engaged in making small amounts of Perry and cider through the use of their neighbor’s stone mill. Percy used this as the foundation for spurring his trade and therefore he started manufacturing larger quantities. In 1887, Percy manufactured 40 casks and as a result, he established a minor commercial premises at Maylord Street. Due to this, his brother decided to abandon his intended teaching career in King’s College situated in Cambridge so as to pool with Percy in running the cider making business. Percy then borrowed a loan of up to £1,760 from their father thereby using it to relocate the premises to a one acre land spot at Ryelands Street, where they built a small hut with an underground room. During this period, Thomas Kennett was the only external staff and they used the mill wheel to produce cider since the business could not ye afford any steam powered machinery. This therefore made work quite hard and tiresome since they were using their hands to rotate the mill wheel. During the year 1889, Percy sent Fred to attend the Royal Agricultural Show which was hosted at the Windsor Great Park. However, during the show, their cider won the second award in every single class that it entered. As a result Percy then sought to travel all-round the country in order to try to sell much of their cider thereby anticipating to gain more customers. However, he realized that the salesmen were only willing to buy products that were being ordered or requested for by the consumers.

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