Healthy Children

Healthy Children Healthy Children Concerns about the health status of children in the current society are worth not ignoring. Different health stakeholders, including private organizations, emphasize on the need for ensuring healthy living among children. In this regard, it worth discussing several issues concerning the health of children and how the society can help in the same. Several factors that play significant roles in ensuring good health for children are worth pointing out. First and foremost, the nutritional value of food consumed by children forms the core basis of their health status. Naturally, foods with little nutritional value lead to poor health status of children. Similarly, physical activity levels among children affects their levels of growth and development (Canadian Paediatric Society, 2013). Physically active children experience little health complication at their tender ages. Environmental conditions of the areas where children also live affect their health status either positively or negatively depending on prevailing atmospheric and also social settings. Children health concerns receive considerable attention for several reasons closely linked to health factors. In the current society, poor eating habits are trendy if not an alternative to the original quality meals. Fast food restaurants continue to emerge daily in various areas hence increase access of ‘junk food’ to children. In addition, emergence of modern technologies has made children in the society to adopt sedentary lifestyles that compromise their health status. For instance, many children prefer playing online games rather than having physical games in the playgrounds. Moreover, environmental pollution has become the order of the day because of increased industrialization in major parts of the world. Such pollutants not only lead to environmental degradation but also cause deterioration of health status among children. Members of the society can help improve health conditions among children in a number of ways. To start with, parents should ensure that their children access nutritious meals by advising them against fast foods. In addition, parents should ensure that quality meals are prepared at home hence improving the nutritional status of their children. In addition, parents and heads of institutions should advocate physical exercises, such as field games, among the children. Finally, the community can help by advocating environmental conservation in their residential areas. In such circumstances, industries will be compelled to handle industrial waste diligently hence reducing adverse environmental health impacts among children. In conclusion, children health conditions receive significant attention in the society. In the above discussion, dietary concerns, sedentary lifestyle among children and environmental pollution constitute the major issues that affect children health. However, it is evident that the community can play a great deal in helping to improve the health status of children. ReferencesCanadian Paediatric Society. (2013). Active Kids, Healthy Kids. Retrieved from

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