Health carelong term and capstone discussions 2

According to Kotter amp. Heskett (1992), culture change advocates find solutions that regulate everyone’s interactions and behavior. People come up with new ways of responding to others and create a different perception in which they view them. There are various services that the community provides to its people. Community based services are a long term care type which somebody may draw interest and talk about. They are services to help the disabled and senior people in a community. They include. personal care, adult day care, and transportation services among others. Some set of barriers to cultural change success in offering these services are experienced. Communication barrier is one aspect. These are skills involved in conversation. For example, most Hispanic and the Native American patients are often used to indirect communication instead of instruction or direct communication. Offering services to such patients in direct communication thus becomes a problem. A second set of barrier is in the care system. These are issues of accessibility, availability and acceptability of services. These services may not be available to the minority group and less accessible due to linguistic, geographic or financial features.Discuss the legal liability in terms of governance in long-term care settings. What agencies have oversight authority? Provide one real life example of a long-term care liability issue that could conflict with a governance function.The requirement by federal law is that facilities for long term care should provide activities and services that maintain the well being of every resident. The federal program in Medicare should be established to achieve such with some written plan that describes how nursing, medical and psychosocial needs shall be met. These are therefore federal regulation which is in the real sense legal. False claims however occur when agencies are set in place to practice

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