Health Care Management

Full-time employees are well trained, the part-time employees are semi-trained and the volunteers have varying skills that assist in the running of the organization. Their main source of finance is from donors and they have quite a number of donors, with over 5, 000 donors. The donors make their contributions in a constant manner and from the current situation, there are unlikely to pull out. To meet the mission statement of the organization, it offers supportive services to over 300 persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families. The operations include case management services, education, and prevention. The organization targets most people in the population and their services are not limited to the mentioned ones.Their resources are limited and can not cover a bigger population. They can only offer assistance to 300 families and the number of infected people in Alaska is over 1, 000. The prevention program is too narrow only reaching a few of the Alaska population, the population of Alaska is quite big and more efforts are needed to cater to this population. The capacity of accommodation for the HIV/AIDS infected people in the organization is too small. Those who need extra support services can not be accommodated in this facility because of the few spaces available.Alaska is a big state and the population is large. Funds to expand the organization can be tapped from the population. This means that with better strategies, the organization can expand its facilities. With the advancement of technology, the organization can venture into newer methods of offering supportive services to the clients. Simulations can also be of great help to reach a wider population over the internet.Advocating for use of condoms as HIV infection preventive measure is under criticism by many religious organizations and affiliated groups. This is a major setback in reducing the number of HIV infections in Alaska.

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