Greenomics Marketing Strategy

According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that Greenomics has a strategic plan of becoming a successful business that is strongly expressed in its mission statement, financial and non-financial goals and its competitive advantage. The mission statement is to achieve luxurious interior designing the greenway, and the financial objectives are to break even in the first three months and to increase sales by twenty percent after every three months. The marketing programs will support this strategic plan and other key features like company uniqueness, adjusting to market conditions, trends and changes in the following ways: – Making it possible to achieve break-even position in less than three months through effective pricing and financing strategies. – Providing chances to develop eco-chic offices and stores that are fashionable, high performing, luxurious, reliable, not over-priced and eco-friendly. – Strict management of the brand. Greenomics through strict adherence to price and quality issues. – Creating awareness concerning how the environment is being destroyed and how it is encouraging global warming. – Carrying out effective consumer analysis programs with an emphasis on customers who have an interest in saving money on the power bill in the long run.

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