Grant Objectives and Support

Duration of funding
It is expected that market research would be completed within one year.
Eligible students
All postgraduate students who are
enrolled in the Business Department
need to undertake market research within their overall research project leading to their degree
are invited and encouraged to submit proposals for a grant.
Grant criteria
Each proposal will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
the quality of the applicant and their ability to deliver the project
the clarity and assurance that the market research will be completed within a one-year time frame
the clarity and assurance that market research is an integral and necessary component of the research project overall
Procedures for grant proposal
Each proposal submitted must contain:
a cover letter or statement that states the number of funds sought and the time period in which the money will be spent
a summary page with contact information of the applicant and a one-paragraph description of the market research
a brief description of the overall research project – its goals, objectives, expected outcomes.
a detailed description of the market research, which outlines why and how it is an integral component of the overall research project
a work plan or timeline of the intended market research
a detailed proposed budget and supporting narrative details
Applications MUST be handed or sent by post to (please add name and address here). Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted.
Results of applications
Unsuccessful and successful applicants will be informed in writing within one (1) month of the application closing date.
Number of applications and copies
Only one application will be accepted form any one applicant.
Closing date
The closing date for applications is no later than 30 November 2008.

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