Goodness of fit relates to children’s personalities

parenting offered by a caretaker defines the nature of relationship developed between a child and the caretaker as early as at the age of between 4 to 8 months. At the age of 15 months, and based on the nature of the temperament of a child, children have already formed secure attachments with their caretakers, which then goes on to define the future relationship that continues to exist throughout the course of the childhood development. Among the factors that influences the formation of the relationship between parents and their children negatively are family dysfunction and maternal depression. Such negative factors results in a negative formation of the goodness of fit between the child’s temperament and their social environment. However, positively oriented goodness of fit and the quality of parenting are the two major factors that influence the formation of a secure relationship between children and their parents or caretakers.Schraeder, B. D., Heverly, M. A., amp. OBrien, C. M. (1996). Home and Classroom Behavioral Adjustment in Very Low Birthweight Children: The Influence of Caregiver Stress and Goodness of Fit. Childrens Health Care, 25(2), 117.In a study evaluating the effect of low birth weight on the adjustment of children to the home and school environments, the birth weight was found to be less influential. On the contrary, the factors that played an important role in defining the adaptability of the low birth weight children to the school and home environments were the family structure and the goodness of fit. Single-parent family structure caused the low birth weight children to adapt well at home but poorly at school. On the other hand, the goodness of fit factor played an important role in helping children adapt positively to both the home and the school environment. Compared to children born with normal weight, children born with low birth weights adjust to both the school and the home environment similarly. The biological risks and the

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