Goldings Lord of the Flies

There are some times in our lives that we, as human beings, do not act as we are expected to. Sometimes, we fail even ourselves. Our own values, beliefs, and principles are sometimes compromised due to certain circumstances where we are forced to make decisions or take action that are required of us just to survive in the heat of the moment.ii
At first, it was Soteriology that motivated Ralph and his friends to take action. The idea of salvation for the entire group is their motivation that is why they took responsibility to lead the group and build a system for survival and for them to be rescued from the uninhabited island. That was the intention of Ralph when he accepted the vote for being chief, as he said, If this isn’t an island we might be rescued straight away. Three of us-if we take more we’d get all mixed, and lose each other-three of us will go on an expedition and find out. (Golding, 30) Even for Jack who turned out to be seemingly innately bestial,iii his first intention was to hunt food to provide for everybody, All the same you need an army-for hunting. Hunting pigs- (Golding, 44). So they were all concerned about being salvaged and they were all occupied by the concept of altruism.
Unfortunately, what can be explained in the concept of Sociology, things did not follow through as planned. In sociology, there is what we call the group think. Jack, who had so much authority in him since the beginning, finally refused to submit himself to Ralph’s leadership and built his own troupe, Who’ll join my tribe and have fun he said. (Golding, 216) This is now a social pressure for the others, especially the weak ones who wish to be part of a stronger group. Thus, the party was divided and even some of the little boys joined Jack’s side. This time, instead of hunting for the entire group’s survival, Jack and his tribe hunted for the taste of violence, the excitement in coercion, and savagery.iv Jack enjoyed the killing and it became his sole purpose for hunting. Yet the boys in Jack’s group looked up to him as their leader,v and they all joined him in this purpose as they chanted, Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! (Golding, 218). When in the beginning, they liked working with each other and even established friendship, as it was shown, Ralph found himself alone on a limb with Jack and they grinned at each other, sharing this burden. that glamour, that strange invisible light of friendship, adventure, and content. (Golding, 54)
In Golding’s words, And in the middle of them, with filthy body, matted hair, and unwiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy (Golding, 290), Ralph realizes how evil can corrupt man’s heart, the vicious arrogance manifested in what had become of so called school boys who are supposedly educated to be refined and hold value to friendship and camaraderie. He lost friends, not just the ones who died, but he lost his friends in those who lost their sense of selves, the discernment of who they But still it shows that although certain circumstances could provoke many unexpected behavior in people, there are still some who hold true to their values. In this last part, Golding uses Axiology, the worth of values. Deep rooted

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