Global Communications For US Brands Like Abercrombie and Fitch

Some important rights of the consumer are: 1) the right to choose, 2) the right accurate information, 3) the right to safety and 4) the right to value for money. Being a meticulous consumer, the British customers know where and how to get the best value for their money, and they usually know who to approach when things go wrong. It is essential for any organization who wishes to penetrate the British market, that value does not always mean the cheapest or the most expensive. It means that the consumers’ perception of it is if the standard or quality is commensurate with the price of the commodity. In the end, it is normally up to the customer to decide whether the price of the goods they are willing to purchase is worth it.(ii) In order to have a competitive advantage. Aamp.F must incorporate the three (3) Cs or the Strategic Triangle by Ohmae. The three Cs are customer, corporate and competitor. In any business strategy, the organization’s primary concern should be its customers. Thus, it is recommended that management should implement an advertising strategy that could reach a larger portion of the market in order to edge out the competitor and penetrate more potential household consumers. However, before launching an entry into any new place, territory or country it would be best to assess the needs and wants of the target market and to know how far the competitor has come.The best advertisement campaign recommended will be a combination of the public information model where media and local press releases will be used extensively to inform the public of the Aamp.F presence and to build wholesome image of whole organization. and the two-way symmetrical model which is a two way communication between the company and the public to sort out conflicts…

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