Gender Role in Social Media

But now people are more open to this concept and are not afraid of because of the new slogans that prevail in society be yourself, who cares for what others think. The emergence of this open concept has changed the gender roles in the past few decades.Facebook and other social media have contributed their roles in the increasing gay awareness among the community and thus broke the ice of these terms in the general public. Below is the survey of being gay page of Facebook and hashtag of #homosexual.Being gay page has 164,187 likes and is an open access page which defines what homosexuality is and what are the benefits or advantages of being homosexual. The hashtag homosexual carries posts from the homosexual community irrespective of being gay or lesbian. A snapshot following the hashtag is as below:These pages promote the partnership or marriage right between the same sexes and narrate many befits of such happenings. The supporters of same-sex marriages in social media are also portraying a wide range of reimbursements involving the ease in immigration laws, health care benefits, inheritance and property rights, and other family compulsion and safety. They give sound reasons demonstrating why marriage should be extended to same-sex couples.However, the people who are against these same-sex marriages even within these gay community’s argues that the struggle to get these remunerations should be extended to all people regardless of their social norms and beliefs.Social media’s major contribution in this regard is giving equal opportunity for both the genders to show their mindsets and to give their independent opinion about what they are and what is their perspective about sex. There are a series of ways Facebook is promoting this act of homosexuality, examples include different blog ads, specific pages, hashtags, public opinion polls, and different aspects.

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