Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics

The authors wittily defy the norms by explaining why these professions are similar to each other. They advance that both a pimp and a realtor provide the same primary service of marketing of their goods to potential consumers. They further claim that a pimp’s services are of more value than those of a realtor. A pimp is hands-on when marketing his product, unlike a realtor who uses the internet as a marketing strategy. The authors also adopt the use of humor in most of their comparisons. Super Freakonomics suggests that both the prostitutes and their clients are rational thinkers. Rationality is crucial in sustaining the entire business which also operates on the laws of supply and demand (Levitt amp. Dubner 25).The authors address patterns and details that exist in different facets of life. For instance, they examine the upbringing of terrorists. The authors provide some comic relief with their suggestion that suicide bombers ought to buy life insurance. Backed by plenty of indisputable research findings, the two posit that these terrorists do not have life insurance because the policies do not cover suicide bombing as a cause of death. They further suggest that if terrorists were to buy life insurance that covered such a fatality then the numbers of suicide bombers would decrease (Levitt amp. Dubner 45). The book also challenges conventional wisdom when it tackles health issues such as analyzing the skills possessed by hospital doctors. The seniority of the doctor assigned to a patient in the (ER) Emergency Room does not result in the patient’s recovery. To the two, adopting straightforward solutions can avert tragic problems. For example, the simple act of washing hands frequently by doctors played a vital role in the prevention of diseases in traditional societies before the discovery of Louis Pasteur’s germ theory. This chapter also sheds some light on other issues such as patterns in the ages of soccer players and issues affecting the health of unborn children of Muslim women during Ramadan.

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