For Young Entrepreneur

Application for Entrepreneurial Scholarship The administrator College Applying for Young Entrepreneur Scholarship I am a graduate from EBS Business School. My enthusiasm to remain associated with the academic environment motivates me to apply for an entrepreneurial scholarship. My activities and academic rewards, discussed in the following paper, make me eligible for it. I have conducted various entrepreneurial ventures, during my studies. I have founded an organization named deal-fever, where I worked as customer creationist, which gave me great deal of exposure to the practical environment of the business. On the other hand, I was able to be a part of an organization called Pausa-GmbH as an internee, where I was responsible for cash and inventory management. along with these responsibilities, I also took active part in the strategic planning function of the organization. This experience further enhanced my abilities as a proficient manager and helped me developing my own business. I am a person with skills and talents, which I try polishing rather than wasting. Therefore, I keep myself busy working on different tasks and gaining experience, with the help of my multitasking ability. I joined JU Rosenheim, a political party and worked there as a recruiter. My major responsibility was to convince people to join the party and, as a result, I developed strong communication and convincing skills, which could definitely help me as an entrepreneur. In addition, I am active in physical activities and served as football coach at SpVgg-Unterhaching.
Keeping in view that I am an active participant in various entrepreneurial activities, I believe, that I ideally qualify for the scholarship. however, my grim financial position will make it difficult for me to continue my educational journey. As I am an established entrepreneur, I hereby, apply for young entrepreneur scholarship. I hope that management of the institute will consider my request. I will be very grateful for this kind act.

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