FOMO FOMO is the desire to be part of what is going on in the social media streams. On the samenote, FOMO denotes the drive to connect with a friend or drop that update that will spur a series of comments and likes on a social media site. In other words, excessive use of social media is simply the FOMO practice.
The “impulse control problem” John Grohol talks about is the inability of an individual to keep off technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. There is that anticipation and curiosity of something happening when an individual is not logged in. It appears that something an individual would not want to miss on the online platform is always happening. As a result, the frequent logging in and out of social media devices denotes the “impulse control problem.”
Social media addiction is a problem because it has created overreliance on technology and technological devices. People hardly interact one-on-one these days. Instead, they remain glued to their social media devices. The online environment is seemingly the new way of life, and more so mode of communication. Overreliance on social media and technology is undoubtedly an addiction.
At a personal level, I think I am addicted to social media. I have checked my emails or commented on a Facebook post several times at the dinner table. In addition, I lose track of time when I am actively chatting. Sometimes social media just rules the world around me. For these reasons, I believe I am addicted to social media.

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