Effect of the Great Awakening and Enlightenment on the Political, Educational, Scientific Foundation in America Table of Contents Table of Contents 2Introduction 3Effect of Great Awakening on Politics of United States 3Effects of Great Awakening on the Education of America 3Effect of Great Awakening on the Scientific Foundation of America 4References 5Introduction The Great Awakening is a phrase generally associated with the religious history of America. This is referred as revival in terms of religion in American social history. It took place in many periods. Various experienced theologians as well as historians recognize the Great Awakening as three or four occasions of heightened enthusiasm in religious arena that took place during the time frame of early 18th century and continued till late 19th century1.Effect of Great Awakening on Politics of United States The Great Awakening or the religious revival of the United States commenced first in 1730s. The New England colonies were mostly persuaded by this movement and it brought a transformed set of ideals in the religious arena of America. Since the initiation of the civilization, religion and politics have shaped, de-shaped and developed hand-in-hand and this was evident in this case as well. The turning of America towards Jesus holding the hands of preachers like George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards pushed the national feeling and contributed in sowing the seeds of American Revolution which occurred after some times2.Effects of Great Awakening on the Education of AmericaThe ‘Third Great Awakening’ or the era of ‘religious activism’ is the time from the late 1850s to early 1900s. This period witnessed a great upheaval in the area of education. Obligatory elementary education and a battle against child labor actually initiated during this period. During this period the colleges that were allied with churches increased in size, number and their span of curriculum1.Effect of Great Awakening on the Scientific Foundation of AmericaAs the Awakening and Enlightenment stressed on education, it inspired scientific thinking. People started to see things under the light of reason and logic which enabled them to develop their settlement instead of banking upon the hollow and narrow pursuit of clergy and churches. With the development, the need of luxury increased and in the true sense it was first American Event which was coming into a proper terms with the society of America2.ReferencesAbell, Aaron.The Urban Impact on American Protestantism, 1865–1900. United States: Harvard University Press,, 2008. The Enlightenment. Scientific and Religious Transformation.

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