Final The Playskool TravelLite Crib

The executives violated the government regulation on the safety of children. The playskool travel-lite crib was very insecure for the juveniles.2) The company has to adopt the policies of the CSR and in order to maintain safety of the juveniles.3) The bonuses of the company should be given for only those services that have been approved by the customers. The bonus should also be reduced so as to discourage the employee from working to achieve bonus.4) The company has full responsibility to ensure that the company is diversified beyond the provision of law. Diversity in the company gives it a competitive advantage.5) Diversity in the company can be achieved by embracing an all inclusive culture in the company. There should be gender balance and equity in all management level. The company should employ the executive based on the professional qualification and not family ties and friendship.6) The company has a culture of employing family members and friends into the executive. This has prevented the company from doing things differently.7) The culture of the company can be modified by recruiting better personnel who will influence positively on how the affairs of the company are carried out. The organization should educate its employees on how to conduct the company’s activities in an ethical manner.8) The travel crib should have a broad base to ensure stability and should also be well ventilated to prevent suffocation.9) The executive can be influence by contracting a qualified contractor who will make the cribs in accordance with the safety standards. 10) The actions of Koltun are inhumane since he is putting the lives of the children in danger. He is assuring the customers that the cribs are secure when he has instructed her daughter not to use the crib because he fears for the live of the grand son.11) Kolcraft had the duty to disclose the risk and dangers of the crib to the shareholders and the customers.12) It is the duty of the company to ensure that the contractors and sub-contractors are ethic since they will have great impact on the reputation of the company. If they are unethical the company will be viewed as unethical.13) The contactors should be vetted and investigated to ensure that they are compliant with the set rules and regulations. The contractors should have adequate field on the work given.14) Both Hasbro and Kolcraft are responsible for the problems. They have a binding agreement and they should undertake a collective responsibility in executing their mandate.15) Hasbro should have conducted private investigations on the safety of the cribs. Hasbro had access to all the necessary requirements to prevent any ambiguity.16) CPSC acted ethically in the whole case. It informed the organization of all the breach of regulations even though they are not legally provided for.17) The actions of jack are unethical since he knew that the cribs are dangerous but wanted to sell them to an innocent retailer.18) Jack would have reported his inventory to Kolcraft so that he may claim for compensation of the stock.19) Claude is greedy because he want to cover up for Jack because of the high profit margin.20) Claude can be charged for dealing with counterfeit products. He may also for misrepresentation of facts since he claimed they are of high quality.Reference

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