Final EXAM

According to some individuals, the belief in the existence of human rights is just the same as believing in unicorns and witches. Despite some people questioning the existence of human rights, there is no doubt that human rights does indeed exist (Alexy 15).The answer to the burning issue of the existence of human rights is pegged on what human rights are, and as a way of definition, human rights are rights. What proves the existence of human rights is its universality? Ideally, every human being is eligible for human rights. In most cases, human right is used to put a claim on the right to life for every individual. Apart from this, this is used to denote the right for every individual to take part in the process of political-will formation, especially on the area of voting. While the right to life is universal, the political will formation is applied to only some parts since what might be acceptable in one location might not necessarily be acceptable in another place (Rivers 178).Ideally, human rights are as old as the existence of man and their value remains cornerstone to the human race. However, the usage of this term was heightened in the mid-20th century during the struggle for the recognition of civil rights for blacks led by Martin Luther king Jr. However, for many years, individuals in the United States have been fighting for their rights especially the rights of women and children. This means that the existence of human rights is something that has been around for a long time. In most cases, the question of law and order is used to define human rights. While some people claim that the society is only guided by morality, the truth is that the presumed moral standards are nothing but an observance of the rules set down so that human rights are not violated (Rivers 179).Human rights are theoretical rights, and as abstract rights, human rights in many ways clash with without countless other civil rights. In order to ensure

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