Fashion History of the corsets and why is it considered iconic

The purpose of the essay Fashion History of the corsets, and why is it considered iconic is to critically examine and evaluate the corset as a tool for fashion. The hypothesis of this essay is that the corset is an iconic element of fashion in the modern era and it has always been since the Age of Renaissance several hundreds of years ago. In order to attain this end, the following objectives will be explored critically. The corset is often worn below the chest down to the hips and the knee, therefore enhancing the body of modern-day women. The history of the corset predates the era of writing. The earliest evidence available to scholars of today includes images of gods and women that were printed over 4,000 years ago. The image above provides traces of how corsets existed in different forms in prehistoric societies. This includes Ancient Egypt which is known to have had a civilisation over 4,000 years ago. This picture in figure 2 (left) shows a goddess or an influential leader or both. And the nature of her outfit shows that she was only prepared for the most important and the most influential men in the society. This is because her outfit showed that she was dressed in a much more dignified way and manner and this was obviously meant to show her feminine side. In Ancient Crete though, it appears that the corset was used by normal members of the society to provide a kind of depiction of the clothes they wore. Figure 2 (right) shows people, who look more like commoners adorned in tight clothes.

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