Family Culture and Tradition

Like in any other family, this is the time when everyone is in a hurry as we race around the house to get what we need for school. Our parents, on the other hand, prepare for work.
Our father drops us off in school before going to the office. Mother is left at home as she cleans up the mess we have left behind before she herself goes to work. We all have our own different schedules during the day. After school, my siblings and I proceed to our own activities – ballet, art class, violin lesson and karate class. We all have a full day before assembling back home when we arrive at different times. We children rest in front of the television or take a nap in our rooms, then do our chores and homework. We take turns helping out in the kitchen as our parents prepare dinner. Even they, take turns cooking dinner with Mom cooking on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Dad cooking on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On weekends, we all pitch in cooking our meals or eat out. We have usually have dinner together at 7:30. At the dinner table, everyone shares what happened to them during the day. We make it a point to balance our Up times and our Down times referring to the good and bad things that happened to us. Sometimes, our talks are serious, but most of the time, we laugh and have fun with each other’s company. The dinner conversations we have keep us all updated with each other’s lives. I remember regarding dinner time with my family as the highlight of my day. After dinner, my siblings and I clean up and do the dishes before going back to our homework or whatever activity we choose. Before going to sleep, we make it a point to kiss and hug our parents good night and exchange I love you’s.
We each have mom-and-me as well as dad-and-me one-on-one dates at least once a month apart from the times we go out as a family. We either have lunch or dinner, shop, go bowling, watch a show or anything

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