Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Internet Marketing

The store is located in a central location in Cardiff and the main services that the store deals with are selling of DVDs and also other products across the United Kingdom and the Island of Ireland through postal orders. The store also has a local outlet where DVD rental service is run in the region and the services are similar to the normal high street DVD rental store. Also, there is a company has an internal information system for administrative purposes and no electronic media is currently used to store data. The overall business is small and it has a limited scope of the markets. There is however a major opportunity for the business to grow and develop and improve the overall market coverage and performance of the company as well. The store has been operating for over 15 years, which indicates that they are very experienced and is one of their great strengths. They understand their audience well. However, one of their biggest weaknesses is that their presence is limited to one store. They cater to UK and Eire with the presence of just one store. Also, DVD rentals are run only in Cardiff and the Valleys region. To increase the market share and to provide remote access to their products, it is essential for them to utilize different upcoming media, rather than the traditional postal orders. They have an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience by doing so (Mintel, 2008). The presence on the Internet would help them to exploit the revival of the interest in the Musicals.It is also important to note that the company has a number of advantages and disadvantages of its own and these factors play an important role in the overall working of the store as well.

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