Event reflection paper

The speaker spoke about the way the history of gender disparity has been documented and the way this forms the attitudes that exist within the community today. Although they noted that there has been a great change in the public attitudes on matters of gender, they appreciate there is still a lot that has to be done to change these attitudes. The history that exists today should avoid depicting woman as an inferior person in the society as this suppresses the efforts that have been put to develop the society and liberate it from gender discrimination. In their opinion, gender disparities have to a great extent affected community development in the contemporary society (LSE, 2014). In their conclusion, they stated that the history that promotes gender disparities should be abolished if the world has to realise its potential for development.The most interesting idea in this event is the opinion that gender equality if one of the indicators of community development. From a critical analysis, the speakers in this event feel that gender issues development is one of the strategies the government should develop to win its war against poverty in the society. While this may be a controversial point, it is clear that there is a lot of support for this idea from many scholars and world organizations (Elson, 2009). The issue of sexuality in the society today has become an important factor for the government today. The government puts a lot of efforts in empowering women to help them acquire education and employment within the society. Multinational organizations such as the United Nations have established gender equality laws that seek to protect the weaker gender to ensure that they have legal rights and are treated the same way the counter gender. The wellbeing of a country is attributed to the gender development within the society. Those countries that higher gender gap are regarded as undeveloped. The idea that economic development can be related to

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