Evaluation of The World of Apu Film

Satyajit Ray has tried to make a statement through the film by helping people understand the kind of emotions a young man slowly wafting into adulthood goes through and the kind of life he begins to lead once he is married and has other responsibilities of taking care of his children and wife. It is a very emotional deep film that talks about human feelings and relationships that people share with one another. This film soon went on to win international awards making it one of the most widely sought after films to understand the lives of people and kind of struggle that they each go through.

The film starts off by describing the life of a young Bengali man, unemployed and living in a small room in the bustle of the main city, Calcutta. He is comparatively poor and thus is trying to make a name for himself by seeking a job and earning his daily meals, and is not able to afford higher education in the university despite his teacher telling him to do so.
Side by side, the man is also trying to earn a little more by providing children with private tuition. However, at the same time, one can witness Apu trying to keep his personal interests alive as well. He is fond of writing and reading, and he often takes time out to do the same even though he is not able to follow through with his passion in life and his forced to opt for a career path different than the one that he would like to because of obvious reasons.

The story takes a turn as Apu meets an old friend and they go off to a village to attend his cousin Aparna’s marriage. Soon, however, everyone presents discovers that the bride has been suffering from a mental ailment and the groom is not too keen on marrying her. But the priests let everyone know that if the bride is not married off during the auspicious hour, she will remain unmarried all her life. Apu takes the opportunity to help her out, without knowing what he is getting himself into, as the other villagers persuade him to, and offers to take her hand in marriage.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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