Evaluate Without Using A Calculator A) Log 0 00001 (2 Marks)B) Log3 729 (2 Marks)C) Log 1 (2


Evaluate without using a calculator.

a) log 0.00001 (2 marks)

b) log3 729 (2 marks)

c) log 1 (2


23. Express each of the following as a logarithm. Use a calculator to evaluate your answer correct to one decimal place.

a) 6x = 27

b) 4x+2 = 23

24. The number of people investing in a particular mutual fund at a bank is modelled by the function p(t) = 245(1.15)t

where t is the time in months, and p is the number of people.

a) How many people have invested in the mutual fund after 10 months?

b) How many months does it take for approximately 2000 people to invest in the mutual fund?


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