Evaluate how operations management concepts could be or are being applied to a hospitality / tourism operation of your choice to reduce the possibility of service failure

More and more organisations are entering into service industry. It is important to acknowledge here that operations management is as much applicable on the service industry as on manufacturing industry or any other industry. It is relatively difficult to manage the operations in the service industry because the final outcome is intangible and cannot be measured (Apte, Maglaras, and Pinedo, 2008). One growing sector in service industry is of hospitality or tourism. Despite of all the economic issues and recession, the tourism and hospitality industry have managed to survive and grow. In order to make sure that the operations of the organisations in hospitality industry are being performed in accurate manner and the high quality services are provided to the customers, the organisations in hospitality industry should effectively use the techniques of the services and hospitality operations management.Operations management deals with running the operations or internal processes of an organization as smoothly as possible. Smooth running in operations management refers to efficient and effective utilization of available resources, time management, priority setting, cost monitoring and controlling and any other activity that directly or indirectly helps an organization to achieve a competitive advantage, which would enable the organization to remain competitive in its industry (Barratt, Choi, and Li, 2011). Operations management shifts into a whole new paradigm when it is applied in the service industry. Although the basic terminology remains somewhat the same, however, they find a whole new utility in the service industry (Apte, Maglaras, and Pinedo, 2008).In the service industry some main performance indicators are used in order to evaluate and measure the overall performance of the service organisation. These performance indicators are (Apte, Maglaras, and

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