Euthanasia is Inherently Wrong

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the concept of ‘euthanasia’ is gradually winning the approval of different cultures and societies. Skeptics may believe that this is due to the growing propensity to belittle the value of human life, but others think this is not the main reason. They claim that it is much more probable to be the consequence of blunt compassion and kindness. Widely publicized, heartbreaking events draw out intense feelings of sympathy. Many people believe that in these instances a person and his/her loved ones would be better off if s/he were dead hence making it right to take the life of that individual. However, this essay argues that this belief is wrong. This essay tries to prove that euthanasia is immoral. It is naturally immoral, but is also not right to interpret euthanasia from the perspectives of self-centeredness and of convenience. Before laying down arguments against such belief, it would be important to provide an accurate definition of ‘euthanasia’. A basic feature of euthanasia is that it entails killing a person or taking one’s own life. Moreover, the individual who is killed should be a person who is confirmed to be tormented by some injury or illness from which healing cannot realistically be anticipated.

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