“Ethics Development Understanding &amp

Application"Ethics too considers the psychophysical behavior of human beings, but always with reference to some standard of what behavior ought to be. Behavior considered in terms of a moral situation is called conduct. A psychologist who tried to use the technique of the mathematician or physicist would find that his results bore little relation to the qualitative variety of people’s minds. Similarly, the methods appropriate to ethics are not identical with the methods that have given effective results in biology, psychology, economics, or law. Ethics stands in important relations to each of these disciplines, but whatever materials the ethical philosopher may draw from related fields he draws simply as material to which his own distinctive method is to be applied.
The ethics have great concerns with the societal trends, a person cannot be known as ethical who doing something that is actually considered good in his own view but the society condemns it. It is also dealing with the personal sense of choosing between right and wrong, if a person is acting in a way that is making himself feel wrong, then it is unethical. The Morals have although got direct concern with the ethics, the values are the trends that are set by the society no matter they are right or wrong for anyone but they are being followed by most of the individuals in the society and are considered to be right by the majority. Values again have direct concerns with the ethics as they define what actually is right and wrong, what is good and what is evil. Values are just our beliefs, or standards that we take into account on daily basis.
My ethics have just been very much similar to what every one is following here, I consider the prohibited wrong and the usual practices right. I have been ethically sound as I know many of the things wrong, I consider breaking a traffic rule to be unethical, I consider hitting or fighting with someone to be unethical, I consider going for prayers to be very ethical, and also I consider to have illicit relation to be extremely unethical. I consider respecting elders to be ethical and cheating to be very unethical. Also religion have some influence in making me ethically more superior, the parents and the family have played even a bigger role in providing me with knowledge of what is socially acceptable. Friends and teachers also have got a lot to do with what I consider right and wrong. In my view, there are many forces that are making me understand the ethics, the rights and wrongs. Overall, the society, the parents, the religion, the friends and teachers have made me understood the ethical practices. My religion influenced my ethical behavior by emphasizing on many things considered to be wrong for instance by prohibiting the illicit relations. The society influenced my ethical behavior by giving me the concept of what could lead to punishment and what could lead to reward. My parents influenced my ethical behavior by perhaps not fighting with each other and living together after marriage with a proper sharing of everything with each other. My friends influenced my ethical behavior by ensuring that they are not really involved in any such criminal acts like drugs and other crimes. My teachers influenced my eth

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