Ethical issues in virtual education

The foundation of coaching once confined to local academies and education centers in past has extensively been extended to national and international colleges, universities and distant educational institutions. Not only this that schools, colleges and universities have been established like mushrooms in modern times, but also several new disciplines have also been introduced in these institutions with the passage of time, which encourage the students in respect of conducting researches to approve or reject the latest developed theories related to pure and social sciences and management and marketing etc too as well. Hence, the 20th century brought tremendous revolution in all fields of life including science, technology, industrialisation and advancement, which significantly left indelible imprints on teaching profession. Large-scale modifications in educational training centres not only upraised the level of education, and eradicated ignorance and illiteracy altogether, but also offered the people belonging to different cultures and communities the chances of seeking education at higher level even while staying at homes or in their own community and get professional education without any restriction of age, sex and region. The concept of virtual education is thus a wonderful achievement in this regards. University education is the continuity of the same pattern that was introduced by Plato in the ancient Greece, but providing of education through distance in various regions of the globe is the product of modern society.

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