A very skilled financial advisor having significant success in advising high net worth individuals and corporate clients on investments. Over 6 years understanding in providing financial services and supporting clients in making well-versed decisions by showing them a range of options and helping them to assess the merits of diverse plans. Possessing in depth understanding of mortgages, loans, and venture strategies and efficient hard to customer-driven and sales-focused service. Having exceptional skills, able to work in a embattled situation, as an individual and also part of a team, and experienced at working to strict compliance requirements. Currently seeking a financial advisor position.Modules studied include: Economy. Marketing. Accounting. Organizational Behaviour. International business culture. Management Data Analysis. Consumer behaviour. Supply Chain and Operation Management. Entrepreneurship in a Global context.My position as a student studying higher national diploma in business management makes this an important issue for me.I realized that most people and financial institutions used a certain form of investment that was of no value to the intuitions and clients. To them, this value was determined solely by whether something could be invested in other ways, whether something was marketable or not.In contrast, the inventors seemed quite shy and hesitant to use anything more than technical language, approximately as if this was the only proof essential – as if no further clarification was neededThis variation enforced me to replicate on the aims of this course how communication skills are not standard, but be different according to time and place. Like in the ‘Research Methodology’ model discussed in the initial lecture, these testimonial skills are the consequence of a form of

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