It has been expressed by analysts that fresh cold sandwiches ingredient with green vegetables are abundantly desirable among the various levels of people. Hence, after analysis of different business analysts’ views and market researchers, it has been decided to start a fast food restaurant business in London. Hence, as an entrepreneur, it is essential to build plan and execute a start up fast food restaurant business in the competitive market of the London. Based on the market research, the restaurant will be serving fresh and healthy hamburgers and green vegetable sandwiches to the customers. Paramount importance will be provided on service and food quality to ensure greater customer satisfaction. The interiors of the restaurant will also be considered as an important aspect for attracting substantial customer base. Accordingly, the restaurant will be furnished in traditional style revealing the local culture of the UK.Irrespective of the size of the organisations, structured vision and mission are essential element for channelizing the efforts towards the specific direction. Correspondingly, the vision and mission of the restaurant are driven by the goals of achieving competitive advantage and profit-maximization along with securing growth in the foreign market. The vision of the restaurant is to deliver utmost customer satisfaction through deliverance of healthy food items at affordable prices. Similarly, the mission of the restaurant is to achieve the position of being most promising and leading competitor in the fast food business industry in the UK and to attain rapid expansion in other parts of the world as well (Gartenstein, n.d.).Businesses, irrespective of size have foremost objectives to achieve extreme competitive traction and customer satisfaction to ensure profitable growth. Correspondingly, below is the list of objectives which the restaurant intends to achieve within the five years’ time frame.To

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