ENG 102

The Web Means the End of Everything Technology has advanced to great levels that no one could haveever imagined. With the internet, the world has been reduced to a small city. The internet has a variety of applications in our daily lives, with one of the major applications being communication. But just how are people using this resource?
Indeed, the Web has created a lot of crisis in our lives since. many people are just not controlling the amount of information that they feed it with. Yet, sad news is that it does not forget or erase any of the information that it is fed with (Rosen, 1). People are losing opportunities due to actions that they committed on the web years back. Despite the fact that our image might not be tarnished at the moment, future consequences still await every person who uses the web wrongly. The question that every person should therefore ask themselves is: Just how much are we losing via entering private data on the web?
Research has shown that these inconveniences can be curbed by implementing the idea of expiry dates. This is whereby the information entered by the user disappears after a stipulated period of time unless the user specifies otherwise (Rosen, 1). This would be an excellent way to ensure that the web does not keep in store any sensitive or unwanted data. However, in my opinion, it is our responsibility to monitor and regulate the information that we share in the websites because. after all who knows when the machine might decide to refute the instructions given?
People should therefore, just understand that they cannot control their reputations via the internet. Every adult or young person should just understand that what the society really cares about is our privacy and our actual personalities. Hence, every person should sit back and just ask. which is the right way to use this over-exciting technology?
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