“Effects of eBusiness on Project Mgt Supply Chain Mgt Retailing Entertainment &amp

Manufacturing"On the other hand, technological advancement led by this globalisation strives to offer a sustainable competition advantage to gain upper hand position in the market. In this regard, e-commerce and e-business are the most significant technological boon for the entire business world. e-Business and e-commerce are linked together as Parazoglou commented that e-commerce is a form of e-business. E-commerce generally deals with buying and selling products through internet. whereas, e-business is “more generic term” and it encompasses entire business transactions like B2B, B2C, and B2G etc (Parazoglou, p.2). This paper will attempt to present effects of e-business on multiple areas of business including project management, supply chain, retailing, entertainment and manufacturing. The discussions mainly focus on pros and cons of e-business on the stated areas. 2. Effects of e-Business on Project management Project management is a set of activities aiming to achieve specific project objective by proper “planning, scheduling and controlling” (Lewis, p.7). …
on technology (ICT) is an integral part e-business, through a number application multiple projects are conducted for achieving better accuracy within timeframe. The entire process of project management can be executed through a web based platform. 2.1. Advantages A web based project management backed by e-business are better in many ways that the traditional desktop of manual based systems. Dikbas and Scherer have identified a number of benefits of e-business for project management and these are listed below. It leads to improve the communication system in process of project management. It reduces the RFI (request for information) by enhancing the accessibility of necessary and relevant information. It is also helpful in shortening project’s overall life-cycle period. It enhances the ownership concept through high quality accountability and transparency. It helps to maintain records by proper documentation (Dikbas and Scherer, p.439). 2.2. Disadvantages Along with major advantages, implantation of e-business also leads to developed certain challenges and drawbacks. It must be realised that use of technology have its certain weaknesses and hence, the web based project management backed by e-business also suffers from the same. Some of these weaknesses are stated below. The dependency of web connections like internet, intranet etc increased heavily and non-availability of such infrastructure are greater threat to success of a project. There are possibilities that due to issues in web- browsers, recurring payments increased. There are greater risks to loss of data due to failure of application due to technical errors. It also requires higher capital investment which becomes major weakness for small organisations. 3. Effects of e-Business on Supply chain management Govil

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