Ecommerce Individual Assignment

Although, there has been a failure of various electronic commerce initiatives but e-commerce is still of significant use to the economy of many companies. To understand the importance of the e business in the company, the case study will focus on the Gulf Agency Company that is a global leading provider of shipping and logistics materials. However, the company does not utilize the e- business modules in an efficient and effective manner due to the challenges and threats in the industry. The case will evaluate the areas of weakness of the Gulf Agency Company due to the failure of utilizing the e -business and discuss the various e business modules that it can employ to improve the situation. Meanwhile, the case will articulate its failing of the company based on the e-business can evaluate the areas for growth and development. 2. Internal and external analysis of GAC 2.1 SWOT analysis The SWOT analysis of the GAC will help in highlighting the areas of the business inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in its current business processes due to lack of an efficient and effective e business. …
56).Thus, the SWOT analysis assist to examine the effectiveness of management providing clear comprehending of the e business before any action is taken. The process of undertaking internal analysis closely parallels of performing external audit that is done by the company’s representatives, managers and employees. The internal look analysis is based on the management, marketing research and development and the information technology system. The significant source of the strength of the GAC in its business operation is the availability of adequate financial resources and well trained staff in functional area strategies. However, instead of the company concentrating too much on its strength it is vital to look for the weakness that would diminish the organization ability to offer quality products and services. Most of the weakness of the GAC business operations arises are recognized from the perspective of the customers so that to have an honest evaluation of the failures the company is facing and will affect the future of the company. The company is currently facing the weakness of not having a proper management system in that time and balanced scorecard has not been incorporated with the tailored training of the business that make it prone to challenges. Meanwhile, in current company’s research shows that to combat the difficulties of economies of scale the company needs expansion in its business portfolios so that to reach a wider market by way of diversification of products in the market and doing mergers. Further, the interview conducted on its employees revealed that there was an inefficient and ineffective of the e-business techniques that caused problems in outsourcing. The company needed to implement outsourcing

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