EBusiness Strategy

There are two main models mentioned along with their strengths, weakness and suitability for specific business sectors that are related to the e-business. Furthermore,Model of strategic change and fit contains the elements named structure, strategy, management process, technology and individual. All elements are inter-related to each other while making and applying strategy for the business. The sequence of the elements depends on the type of the business. Different businesses apply the model to make changes and fit in the organizational operations (Fazlollahi, 2001).It is shown in the above chart of the model that all elements of the model are inter-related to each other. Any change in the strategy developed to be followed by the work force of the organization. First step is to make strategy. Strategy is needed to be made or adopt in order to make a change in the operations of the organization. Only planned and effective strategy will deliver the positive results to the organization. The Leaders of the organization often make strategies (Levy amp. Powell, 2004).It is recommended that the strategy should reflect on the structure of the business. Structure of the organization reflects the task and activities doe by the supervisors and managers to set the directions of the work to be done so to achieve the goal of the organization. Organizations need to change the structure and the directions of the senior employees that it should reflect the change of the strategy. It is necessary that the strategy should be communicated to the management that requires changing their process and making an effective plan for the execution of the strategy made by the leaders of the organization (Levy amp. Powell, 2004).Management process could play an effective role in communicating the strategy plan to subordinates and juniors so that they could enhance their performance according to the directions of

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