Drug Abuse Effects Treatment and Prevention

Although drug abusers enjoy the use and false sweet feeling induced by these drugs, the use has adverse effects. Drug abuse leads to addiction, poor health, and mental disorders. Effects of drug abuse are frequently noticed through various symptoms such as hallucinations, weight loss, and irrational decision-making. These effects are detrimental to humans and can lead to loss of life. Although these effects are harmful to users, they are treatable, and the problem of drug abuse is preventable. Though drug abuse problem seems like a lost battle, various treatment plans such as withdrawal, family-based intervention, and rehabilitation can effectively reduce and solve the problem of drug abuse. Consistent abuse of numerous drugs quickly leads to addiction. Addiction is a common problem among abusers of various drugs characterized by a chronic brain disease that makes users constantly crave for drugs and use them despite the harmful effects they pose. An addict cannot stay without using the drugs. whenever the effect is over, they become dysfunctional until they consume the drug or substance. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2012, 6.8% of the total population, which is equivalent to 17.7 million Americans were dependent on alcohol. Drug addiction results from taking numerous recreational drugs that induce various feelings of satisfaction among users. Although drugs are harmful, they help reduce stress and make users feel pleasant. As a result, the brain notes these feelings and consistently craves for more. This group of people ignores the adverse effects of drug use due to their addiction. As a result, they develop tolerance and withdrawal syndrome. Victims of drug addiction have numerous changes in the brain, which hinders rational decision-making and impairs their judgment. Moreover, the urge for drugs is so high that users are unable to rationalize the amount they use. Consequently, these people use large quantities of drugs and drastically underestimate the power and effects of those substances.

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