Discussions wk2

Discussions wk2 Poverty in America After analyzing the case study thoroughly it is believed that the main reasons for poverty in America is structural as well as individual. The economic recession during 2008-09 was believed the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. During the recession many of the Americans lost their job. some even lost their homes in the process. Working poor is a great course of concern. people who are working full time but don’t earn enough which leads them towards poverty. People below the poverty line are dependent on outside assistance like TANF rather than looking for jobs. After marriage breakups most of the women has to take custody of the children leading to extreme financial burden.Vocational training might be provided to those living below the poverty line, especially the women to reduce outside dependency. At this point of time many US national below poverty line are dependent on the government. such mind set needs to be changed, certain awareness campaigns might be done to resolve such issues. Marriage break down is also a real course of action. Government may start conducting counseling sessions or other awareness campaigns to control the rising rate of marriage of break ups.Economic OverviewAfter analyzing certain sources it is to believed that the rich are not be blamed present state of Economy in the US. Rather a certain factions. According to experts certain factions or circles running the key financial institution are the real course of concern. Such circles have driven the people of US of the state of economic unrest. According experts this has resemblance with other troubled economies. Such instances were visible even during the modern industrializations. Each and every American aspires to be that billionaire: they said. They want to live the American dream. However off late have some people have really taken some rash decisions. They have brought homes that they couldn’t afford. Due to such actions people who did the all the right things and played by the rules have suffered. So it’s not the reach it’s the bad call made by certain average Americans are to be blamed.Big BoxBefore moving to the specific topic let us just understand what a living wage is. It is a minimum income necessary for an employee to meet the very basic needs. It is the morale right of every employee and the duty of every organization to pay them. (Stabile. D, 2009, p.53). Reports once suggested that 46% of the children of Walmart workers’ are uninsured or on medicated. Although the CEO begs to differ on this but actions suggest that the retail giant took some corrective measures. The company expanded the health care plan. They also increased the wages by 6%. This is something that other firms must look up to. Walmart has also taken greening initiatives. their initiative to reduce usage of electrical energy in a cost effective manner by using light emitting diodes (LED) is also appreciable. According to the CEO however, that’s something the criticism have influenced. in a positive manner of course.Free Speech or False Advertising: NikeFree speech o false advertising or not, the action of Nike was most certainly a rear guard action. It was an effort to put an image of a corporate social responsible company against claims of the activist of abuse and exploitation. Nike responded to the criticism using corporate communication mediums like paper ads, seminars, speeches, news letter etc. According to Nike the focal point of the newsletters, essays and other publications were not related to their product but rather they were it was course of public concern.Whether Nike exploits the labors or not that is something to debate on, but if the company has come under fire from certain sources like human activists, it has every right to defend itself. Looking the case study they can certainly be given the benefit of doubt that they used the modes of corporate communication to defend themselves as well as put up an image of a socially responsible company. Such methods have been usually used by some soft drinks companies also as they came under fire for being unhealthy in nature. ReferenceStabile, D. (2009). The Living Wage: Lessons from the History of Economic Thought. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

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