Dietary Guideline for the Americans

The Journal of Nutrition has also given some charts comparing to which I have come to realize the basic problems that are shared by most of all. We do not undergo even the commonest physical activities like cycling or walking. Therefore, the rapid gaining of bodyweight has become obvious. People, whose workplace is limited to a certain place, must practice a few exercises. Stretching is recommended for all of them.The journal also presents a chart concerning how intake of calorie depends on body weight. This is very helpful for people who want to understand to what extent they should intake calorie and maintain a healthy diet chart. Body Mass Index is also a major factor behind all these. The BMI formula shows how we can exactly measure and compare between the ideal and actual growth of our bodies.There are certain food groups, which have been encouraged by this journal. Fruit is something, which we miss, in our daily life, but it is very good for energy consumption. Milk should be fat-free and other milk-products should not contain a high amount of fat, too. The food habit certainly varies according to the age group. After reading this, I realized the problem I have with milk products. I never notice whether they are fat-free or not. Henceforth, I will be cautious about it. The journal gives us the clear idea about the necessity of various food ingredients according to which we ourselves can plan a balanced diet for every day.Gastrointestinal Illness is a disease, which is seen among people belonging to any age group or any gender. The main cause of this illness is improper food habit. Vomiting and diarrhea are believed to be two of the main symptoms of this illness and according to the survey, it has been noticed that meals, which are taken outside the home,are the factors behind Gastrointestinal Illness.

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