Developing Writing Skills

My gretest wekness in writing hs lwys been to pln, write, nd revise n essy. In generl I lck bsic knowledge bout how to pproch writing nd the writing process s whole. Prticulrly, I hve difficulty in developing n essy in the following res: () generting content, (b) creting nd orgnizing structure for compositions, (c) formulting gols nd higher plns, (d) quickly nd efficiently executing the mechnicl spects of writing, nd (e) revising text nd reformulting gols.
Generting content for n essy typiclly begins with brinstorming. During this pre-writing phse, writers tke time to reflect on their topic, select n udience, nd develop ides. Skilled writing depends, in lrge prt, on student’s bility to pln before composing during this phse. My wekness is tht I do not spend much time prepring to write. Insted, I often begin writing s soon s I m given n ssignment with little or no preprtion. Furthermore, I tend to rely on n ssocitive technique wherein I simply write whtever comes to mind. Beginning to write immeditely fter receiving n ssignment does not llow dequte gol setting or plnning–two importnt techniques pplied by successful writers. Subsequently, I pper unsure of wht to do when I m given time to pln. Sometimes I do not regrd strtegies in the prewriting phse s vluble tools nd fil to utilize meningful techniques to become successful writer.
I lso experience difficulty when ttempting to generte content nd orgnize structure for compositions. This problem my be ttributed to their under-utiliztion of strtegies for retrieving useful informtion. Thus, sometimes I view writing ssignment s question/nswer tsk involving little preprtion.
Formulting gols nd objectives, strtegy tht experienced writers use to pln nd execute higher-level writing skills, is third re of difficulty for me. Writing cn be chrcterized s problem-solving tsk tht includes identifying gols for writing s well s the mens to chieve them. During nd fter writing, these gols re ssessed to determine whether student needs to redefine the gols or continue with the writing process. In my writing strtegy I choose from list of gols tht I feel my pper should ccomplish nd thn I brek the writing tsk into severl prts: () generte product nd process gols, (b) develop notes, (c) orgnize notes, (d) write nd continue the process of plnning, nd (e) evlute success t obtining gols. fter being tught the gol-setting strtegy, I meet the gols I hve set for my essys 90% of the time.
My strength in writing is tht I m ble to quickly nd effectively execute the mechnicl spects of writing. Specificlly, in comprison to my peers, I mke considerbly more spelling, cpitliztion, nd punctution errors in compositions, nd my hndwriting is less legible. Bsic skills like spelling, grmmr, nd hndwriting re usully not tught t the high school level.
I lso think tht my strength in writing is in formtion sentences. I hve well-developed sense of sentence style nd produce long nd completed sentences. Thus, the repetition of simple sentences nd frequent use of run-on sentences re not common for my style. For exmple, I edit for the conventions of writing s they proceed with composing their ides nd during the post-writing stge for refinement.
nother re of difficulty in writing for me is the revision of my writing. The revision process is n

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